FAQ: Should we book a single or a double rider ATV tour?

Whether you are an experienced driver or have never even touched an ATV before. Our adventure tours in Playa del Carmen will make you have a fun time! We offer two driving options. Find out which one is best for you!

Here at Wheelie Trails ATV Adventure Tours in Playa del Carmen we want you to have the best experience and of course a lot of fun! For both our ATV jungle explorer tour and our ATV jungle & underground cenote tour you get to choose if you would like to drive your own ATV or if you would like to share your ride with a friend or partner. We call them single rider or double rider ATVs.

Single Rider ATV

Single rider ATV

Single rider refers of course to one person driving the quad bike. To us this is the most fun way because you get to control your vehicle at all times. Especially if you are an experienced driver you will want to book a single rider ATV. Even if you are a beginner’s or first time driver this might still be a great option for you because you’ll have more space on the 4wd bike and as we’ve mentioned before they all have automatic transmission and are easy to drive.

Double Rider ATV

Double rider ATV
Double rider ATV

Option number two is the double rider ATV where you team up and share your ride with a buddy. Remember, all our tours are private and we only leave in small groups. So, if you’d like to go on a shared ride please make sure to bring your buddy 😉

The double rider option is great if you are unsure about driving your own ATV or if you’d like to drive for a shorter amount of time. You’ll be able to switch half way, so everyone gets their turn driving. If you aren’t driving you just grab on to your buddy, enjoy the ride and you can focus on the jungle and animals you might see along the way.

Conclusion: whichever option you choose you’ll have a fun adventure in Playa del Carmen!

Learn more about our ATV adventure tours in Playa del Carmen and read what others have to say about our excursions. Also read about our pro driving tips…

Private tours in Playa del Carmen

You want to look for private tours in Playa del Carmen. This is how you make the most of your stay and get the best value experience during your vacation!

Excursions away from the masses

Mass vs. private tours in Playa del Carmen, that’s the big question. Mexico is a very touristy place and pretty much all of the tours offered in your hotel lobby take you on big busses to very crowded places. Don’t get us wrong, we believe this attests to the beauty and popularity of the places. Mayan ruins like Chichen Itza and Tulum are incredible places. The parks like Xcaret and Xel-Ha are amazingly well organized and a lot of fun. Also, booking a tour from the comfort of your hotel lobby has also its advantages.

If you are a true traveller and don’t want to be just another tourist, you might feel a bit out of place though. Maybe you are wondering if there are even still off-the-beaten-path activities left in Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera.

The good news is that YES, the personalized, private, off-the-beaten-track experience still exists. Especially in Playa del Carmen, where tourism has been perfected by the big tour companies, a niche for small tour companies still exists and is what you should be looking for.

private tours in Playa del Carmen, ATV driving couple
Private ATV tour near Playa del Carmen

How to get away from the masses

One option is to organize your own excursion. You can easily rent a car or hop on the bus and visit almost any tourist attraction in the area on your own. This option is not just for the brave, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to get around.

You may say, ok, I can rent a car but eventually I will still catch up again with everyone else at the attraction. Well, not if you have your timing right! Most tours arrive at the ruins around 11am or noon. The trick is to get there early when the attraction opens or later before closing time. This is when you’ll be able to enjoy the places the most.

Book small local tour companies

There are a number of small local tour companies (like us) which don’t work with the big tour operators but rather focus on a quality experience. Not only will you help support local economy you will also enjoy yourself a lot more. Plus, you’ll be surprised to find that it won’t break your bank.

Make sure to do your research and look at the company or activity carefully before you give them your money. The best way is of course to look at their online reviews on Tripadvisor or Google and read about other traveller’s experience with the company.

Enjoy the ride!

We are confident that by following these few simple tips you’ll have a great time during your vacation. We hope of course you decide to book our ATV tour, but really there are so many things to do and see in the area you’ll have to be back to do them all. Trust us on this one 😉