An ATV tour is the best excursion in Playa del Carmen. To us that is anyways but all those 5-star-reviews won’t let us lie… Maybe you are worried because this is your first time driving an ATV. Worry no more, our ATVs all have automatic transmission and are a breeze to drive. Plus, with the below tips you will cruise your quad bike like a pro!

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, before each tour you will go through our safety protocol. Our guide will patiently explain you how the ATVs work so you are confident to start your excursion in Playa del Carmen and have some fun! Basically all you have to do is acelerate and brake. It’s really as easy as that!

The bikes are heavy and stearing may seem difficult at first. Though you really don’t need to push the handlbar too much for the vehicle to turn. The trick for it to be even easier is to lift your elbows up and away from your body. That way you can just lean in and steer the quad with your body weight instead of heaving to use your muscle power. If it feels good for you you might even stand up for some turns.

Steering pro tip

Another little but very helpful trick is how to acelerate. Yes, you press on the acelerator and the ATV moves forwards (or backwards). It’s easy right? If you do it with the tip of your thumb though, after a while it might get numb or you won’t have enough strenghts to continuously acelerate. No worries we will make breakes during the tour so you can rest your thumb. We recommend you to move your thumb a bit forward and acelerate with your thumb joint. You’ll see it’s a lot easier and feel more in control of the acelerator.

Pro ATV driving tip

What do you think of these tips and tricks? Do you have any additional ones you can share?

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